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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
  9580E  An Analysis of the Effects of Government Payments to Grain and Oilseeds Producers on Cropping Decisions : Working Paper 9/91 1991 
An Evaluation of Oilseed Trade Liberalization 1998 
Analysis of Spatial Price Differences in the North-American Livestock Sector - Working Paper 7/87 1987 
Incidence de l'aide gouvernementale aux producteurs de céréales et d'oléagineux sur les intentions de plantation : Document de travail 9/91 1991 
  1973  Libéralisation du commerce du marché international des oléagineux 1998 
  9471  Structural Changes as a Source of Trade Dispute under NAFTA-Executive Summary-Seventh Agricultural and Food Policy Information Workshop-Policy Disputes Information Consortium-February 2001 2001 
  9565  The Effects of Trade Liberalization on the Canadian Dairy and Poultry Sectors - Working Paper 3/90 1990 
  10017  The Transfer Efficiency Assessment of Individual Income-Based Whole Farm Support Programs - Technical Paper 5/95 1997 
  1973  Trade Liberalization of the International Oilseed Complex 1998 
Zero-for-Zero and the Canadian Oilseed Complex 1996 
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