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2017 Annual Report of Agroclimate Conditions Across Canada 2018 
A robust biobed design for managing pesticide rinsate under Canadian conditions: Construction, operation and maintenance manual 2018 
Agricultural Innovations 2017 
Biological Control at its Best, Using the T. julis Wasp to Control the Cereal Leaf Beetle 2014 
Biology and integrated management of leafhoppers and phytoplasma diseases in vineyards of eastern Canada : technical bulletin 2015 
Climate Change Impacts on Pesticide Contamination of Surface Runoff : Case Study of Eight Crop/Pest Combinations for the Period 1981-2040 2016 
Conservation practices and longer rotations make a difference: Higher potato yields and healthier soils!  
Crop Profile for Allium Vegetables in Canada, 2015 2018 
Crop Profile for Apple in Canada, 2013 2015 
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