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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
Outbreak Alert 1985 
Peste porcine classique 1985 
Rapport sur le cadre législatif en santé animale au Canada 2013 
  1771  Recommended code of practice for the care and handling of pigs 1984 
Report on the Legal Framework for Animal Health in Canada 2013 
Schedule of Drugs 2011 2011 
  9067  Second Session, Thity-Fourth Parliament, 38-39 Elizabeth II, 1989-90-Statutes of Canada 1990 Statutes of Canada -Chapter 21 1990 
Statistics of Canada's Animal Genetics - 2015 Edition 2015 
Statistiques canadiennes du secteur de la génétique animale - Édition 2015 2015 
Welfare Implications of Pig Transport - Loading density - Scientific background of current international standards 2007 
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