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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
  9547  A Multi-Output Model of the Canadian Cow-Calf Industry 1986 
  9566  A Quarterly Econometric Model of the Canadian Dairy Industry : Working Paper 4/90 1990 
  9551  Agriculture Canada's Response to the Themes, Issues and Recommendations for the Red Meats Sector 1988 
  9545  An Analysis of the Hog Sex Count Survey : Working Paper 13/86 1986 
An Evaluation of Hog Marketing Systems in Canada - Working Paper 4/95 1995 
Analyse de la Compétitivité du secteur du Poulet à Griller au Canada : Document 6/94 1994 
Analyse des conséquences d'une réduction éventuelle du contingent de mise en marché pour l'industrie laitière canadienne 1993 
Analysis of Spatial Price Differences in the North-American Livestock Sector - Working Paper 7/87 1987 
Bovine somatotropin and the Canadian dairy industry : an economic analysis 1990 
Canadian Ayrshires 1986 
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