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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
Environmental Sustainability of Canadian Agriculture - 2007 Calendar 2007 
Environmental sustainability of Canadian agriculture : agri-environmental indicator report series, report No.2 2005 
Environmental Sustainability of Canadian Agriculture: Agri-Environmental Indicator Report Series  Report no. 4 2016 
Examen annuel des conditions agroclimatiques au Canada  2014 2015 
Examen annuel des conditions agroclimatiques au Canada - 2015 2016 
Gestion du Fumier des engrais et des pesticides au Canada-Résultats de l'Enquête sur la gestion des intrants agricoles, 1995 (EGIA) 1999 
Greencover Canada's Land Conversion Componnent : Converting environmentally sensitive land to perennial cover 2004 
Growing Together : Report to Ministers of Agriculture-Federal-Provincial Working Group on Program Review-October 31, 1991-Final Report 1991 
Holos : Un outil pour estimer et réduire les GES émis par les fermes 2008 
Identification and Assessment of Environmentally Sustainable Strategies for Managing Summerfallow in the Brown Soil Zone 2005 
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