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Assessment key for rib discoloration in crisphead lettuce 2007 
Atlantic Canada - 'Honeycrisp' - Maintaining Tree Growth and Cropping Balance 2008 
Atlantic Canada : 'Honeycrisp': harvest, conditioning and storage 2008 
Atlantic Canada : 'Honeycrisp': Management for a unique cultivar in Nova Scotia 2008 
Barley marketing : issues and alternatives 1996 
Bulletin de liaison Pommes de terre - Banque de gènes. Numéro 15, 2009 2009 
Comment la pomme de terre a-t-elle changé le monde? 2008 
Cost Competitiveness of Apple Production in British Columbia versus Washington State : Working Paper 18/86 1986 
  44748865  Cultivar Evaluation Trial 2003 
  44748865  Essai d'évaluation des cultivars 2003 
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