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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
  10037  Atelier : La voix des jeunes, Rapport sommaire du Dialogue rural (Watrous, SK) Le 16 mars 2005 2005 
  10146  Atlantic Forum on Rural Repopulation Challenge, Reflect, Apply, Rural Dialogue Summary Report (Moncton, NB, December 8-10, 2005) 2006 
Cadre stratégique pour l'agriculture : Programmes fédéraux, provinciaux et territoriaux (Printemps 2005) 2005 
Canada : au services de ses communautés rurales : trousse de documentation 1998. 1998 
Canada: at work in rural communities : Rural Resource Book 1998 1998 
  2214  Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development (CARD II) Portraits of Success 2003 
Canadian Farm Business Advisory Services : Improving Access to Business Management Services 2003 
Canadian Rural Partnership : Rural Teams British Columbia 2003 
  10047  Canso Community Dialogue, Community Sustainability : The Power of Heritage, Pride and Persistence (RD Summary Report) Canso, NS, Sept. 21-22, 2005 2005 
Chapleau Rural Dialogue Session Report - January 23-24, 2001 - Chapleau, Ontario 2001 
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