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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
2000 - Farm Financial Survey Highlights 2000 
  9615  A Framework to Analyze Income Support and Income Stabilization Policies in Canadian Agriculture - Technical Paper No. 3-95 1995 
A Methodology to Evaluate the Impact of Cost Recovery in Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food Chains 2002 
Agricultural Property Tax Concessions and Government Transfers to Agriculture 2000 
Allégements fiscaux relatifs aux propriétés agricoles et transferts gouvernementaux 2000 
  9506  An Economic Overview of Farm Incomes, by Farm Type Canada 1992 1995 
Characteristics of Canada's Diverse Farm Sector 2002 
Economic Overview of Farm Incomes - Greenhouse and Nursery Farms - Vol.1, No.8, 2000 2000 
Economic Overview of Farm Incomes - Potato Farms - Volume 1, Number 9 2000 
Economic Overview of Farm Incomes : All Farms - Vol.1, No.1, 1998 1999 
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