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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
A Market Analysis of a Set-aside Program by the Five Major Grain and Oilseed Exporting Countries 2002 
  9526  A Profile of the Domestic and International Marketing for Canadian Forage and Forage Seed : Working Paper 6/89 1989 
An Econometric Analysis of the Manitoba Corn Market 2003 
An Economic Analysis of a Major Bio-Fuel Program Undertaken by OECD Countries 2001 
An Evaluation of Hog Marketing Systems in Canada - Working Paper 4/95 1995 
An Evaluation of Oilseed Trade Liberalization 1998 
  2010  An Examination of Nearly Green Programs : Case Studies for Canada, the United States and the European Union 2000 
  9098  Canada's export strategy : the international trade business plan, 1995/96 : an integrated plan for trade, investment and technology development. Vol.1 1995 
  1974  Challenges and Implications Arising from the Achievement of CAMC'S 2005 Agri-Food Export Target 1998 
  1991  Commerce d'État et négociations commerciales internationales 1998 
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