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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
Co-operatives in Canada (2006 Data) 2009 
Co-Operatives in Canada (2007 Data) 2010 
Co-operatives in Canada (Data 2005) - March 2008 2008 
Co-operatives in Canada in 2008 2011 
Community Development Program, Building Rural and Northern Partnerships 2011 
Government's response to the Fourth Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry entitled Beyond Freefall: Halting Rural Poverty. 2009 
Guide to Government programs available to Co-operatives 2011 
Les coopératives au Canada (données 2005) - Mars 2008 2008 
Les coopératives au Canada (Données de 2007) 2010 
Les coopératives au Canada en 2008 2011 
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