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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
Dairy Research Team : Dairy and swine research and development centre 2009 
Economic Overview of Farm Incomes : Cattle Farms - Vol.1, No.3, 1996 1999 
Economic Overview of Farm Incomes-Dairy Farms - Vol.1, No.4, 1966 1999 
Economic Overview of Farm Incomes-Hog Farms - Vol. 1, No.5, 1966. 1999 
Elevage des porcs en claustration 1980 
Environment team : Dairy and Swine Research and Development Centre 2009 
Factors affecting canadian imports of low-grade Beef from Offshore : Working Paper 20/86 1986 
Factors Affecting Trade Between Canada and the United States in Cattle, Calves, Beef and Veal : Working Paper 9/87 1987 
Ferme de recherche de Kapuskasing 2009 
Firm Response to Price Uncertainty: Tripartite Stablization and the Western Canadian Cattle Industry - Working Paper 2/90 1990 
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