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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
A Qualitative Assessment of the Benefits and Costs of On-Farm Food Safety and Environmental Farm Plans in the Beef Sector 2006 
AAFC's Program Response to the BSE Crisis 2011 
Cattle Ranching in Southern Alberta 1968 
Grass-fed beef foraging for a niche 2009 
  2242  Integrated Live Cattle and Beef Industries between Canada and the United States 2004 
  2242  L'intégration des industries des bovins vivants et du boeuf du Canada et des États-Unis 2004 
Making every blade count 2009 
Réponse d'AAC face à la crise de l'encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine (ESB) 2011 
Une niche pour les bovins d'embouche 2009 
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