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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
Crop Logistics Working Group - Final Report 2014 
Crop Profile for Highbush Blueberry in Canada, 2011 2012 
Crop Variety Registration in Canada Fact Sheet 2013 
Crop Variety Registration in Canada: Issues and Options 2013 
Economic Opportunities for Canada in Essential Oils and Medicinal Crops : Working Paper 10/89 1989 
Enregistrement des variétés de cultures au Canada fiche d'information 2013 
Enregistrement des variétés des cultures au Canada : enjeux et options 2013 
Forage Crops in the Aspen Parklands Western Canada - Production 1991 
Groupe de travail sur la logistique du transport des récoltes - Rapport final 2014 
Growing together : proposal for a new safety net for grains and oilseeds farmers. 1990 
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