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  Publication Number Publication Year Published
2008 AgriStability and AgriInvest Corporation/Co-operative and Special Individual Guide 2009 
2009 Dialogue Tour on Young Farmers and Farm Transfers 2010 
2015 Canadian Agricultural Outlook 2015 
2016 Canadian Agricultural Outlook 2016 
2017 Canadian Agricultural Outlook 2017 
  9615  A Framework to Analyze Income Support and Income Stabilization Policies in Canadian Agriculture - Technical Paper No. 3-95 1995 
A Market Analysis of a Set-aside Program by the Five Major Grain and Oilseed Exporting Countries 2002 
A Methodology to Evaluate the Impact of Cost Recovery in Canadian Agriculture and Agri-food Chains 2002 
A Piece of Agriculture (Puzzle) 2010 
  9631  A piece of agriculture - Trivia game 1996 
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