Publication - Growth Opportunities in North America's Biscuit and Bakery Markets

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Growth Opportunities in North America's Biscuit and Bakery Markets
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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) makes Canadian, American and Mexican markets a single trade entity. This provides Canadian-based businesses access to a market of more than 435 million consumers. U.S. markets can be supplied quickly and efficiently, as most Canadian food manufacturing centres are less than 90 minutes from the border and 50 percent of American consumers live within a one-day's drive.

Canada's thriving biscuit and bakery industry continues to experience tremendous growth and is poised for even greater market expansion. In 2005, Canadian bakery exports to the U.S. (particularly frozen and par-baked), totalled US$ 1.49 billion, resulting in a trade surplus of US$ 499 million. Canada's share of the U.S. biscuits and bakery imports continues to lead the world at 52 percent, over five-times that of the next largest exporter - Mexico.
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