Publication - Maintaining Safe Domestic Water Quality with On-Farm Cisterns and Water Tanks

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Maintaining Safe Domestic Water Quality with On-Farm Cisterns and Water Tanks
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Many people in rural Canada do not have access to reliable supplies of good quality potable water. In cities and towns, water is supplied to homes by a communal municipal water system. Water is treated at a water treatment plant, and delivered by pipelines to each house. The water system supplies the water needs on-demand, and no water storage in the houses is necessary. In Canada, these communal water delivery systems are most often owned and operated by the community's public works and utilities departments. The treatment, operation, maintenance and delivery of water are functions performed by a variety of technical staff. Larger municipalities utilize highly-specialized experts, scientists and engineers to ensure the delivery of safe water for human consumption. The water is monitored regularly and frequently. Water quality tests are conducted daily, to ensure delivery of safe potable water. Should problems be detected, immediate corrective action is taken, to reduce the risk to the population served. In Canada, all municipal water sources are required to adhere to strict legal regulations and standards set by provincial government authorities.

Most rural homes are not supplied water from a community system, and rural citizens must access their own water supply. These rural supplies are called private water supplies - water is obtained from an on-site well or a local surface water supply, and then treated by filtration and disinfection. Alternatively, some rural homes are supplied potable water delivered by pipelines from a water treatment plant. This fact sheet covers the storage of effectively-treated water deemed to be safe for domestic use prior to storage.
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