Publication - Environment Canada Sub-basins of the PFRA Watershed Project

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Environment Canada Sub-basins of the PFRA Watershed Project
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The distribution of Environment Canada Sub-basins for Canadian Prairie Watersheds with their directional flow. This map displays a grouping of the PFRA Watershed Project's Incremental Gross Drainage Areas based on their Environment Canada station number. The Environment Canada convention for hydrometric gauging stations is hierarchical, in that all stations whose station number starts with 05 , for example, would fall into the same basin, as would those with the first 4 letters (e.g. 05HA) fall in the same sub-basin. More specifically, in this map, the grouped stations share the first 3 characters in their assigned station number. The resulting 51 sub-basins average around 55,000 km2 in size. Arrows indicate where each sub-basin drains and which way the water flows
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