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AAC Champlain crisphead lettuce  2012
AAC en tant qu'organisation intermédiaire dans le cadre du projet de recherche vulnérabilité et adaptation aux conditions climatiques extrêmes dans les Amérique  2012
AAFC as a Boundary Organization to the Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Extremes in the Americas (VACEA) Research Project  2012
AAFC Biopesticide: Colletotrichum truncatum for control of scentless chamomile  2009
AAFC Biopesticide: Phoma macrostoma. Control of broadleaved weeds in turf, agriculture, and forestry  2009
AAFC Biopesticide: Pseudomonas fluorescens BRG 100  2009
AAFC Engagement with Food Industry Stakeholders on Revisions to Product of Canada Labelling - What We Heard Report  2019
AAFC Online Web Analytics - 2011/2012  2012
AAFC's Program Response to the BSE Crisis  2011
Abandoned farmland in Quebec: status and development options  2008
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