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A New Biofungicide to Manage Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat 2013 
  10732  AAFC Biopesticide: Colletotrichum truncatum for control of scentless chamomile 2009 
  10777  AAFC Biopesticide: Phoma macrostoma. Control of broadleaved weeds in turf, agriculture, and forestry 2009 
  10857  AAFC Biopesticide: Pseudomonas fluorescens BRG 100 2009 
An Integrated Approach to Manage Ascochyta Blight in Chickpea 2009 
An Integrated Approach to Management of Leek Moth 2009 
Application d'agents microbiens sans intervention 2009 
Approche intégrée pour la lutte contre l'ascochytose du pois chiche 2009 
Approche phytosanitaire intégrée contre la teigne du poireau 2009 
Banding herbicides in carrot production: Small Spray with Big Benefits 2013 
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